Cancer Society - Daffodil Day Design

As part of a team, the students at Whitecliffe Manukau were tasked with creating a beautiful design that represented the values of the Cancer Society NZ and were constructed using their plastic daffodils. They were moving to a more sustainable paper alternative and wanted to breathe new life into the plastic ones.

“Embracing the (cancer) Growth”

The pantsuit with flares embodies flower power. The placement of the flowers along the hem of the flares are arranged to show the cancer cells uneven growth that develops into tumors. The dark green corduroy symbolizes the stem of the flower as it lengthens the body, growing towards the light. The hand bag is used to illustrate the patients support system that they hold on to. It is illuminated to show the warmth given to us by our community and how we don’t go through this process alone. The yellow shawl covered in daffodils is shaped like the breast cancer ribbon and draped over the bust representing the support it gives. The choker necklace is representative of moderation and a healthy diet.

“1000 Daffodils Wish of Hope”

The Hat is based off an ancient Japanese legend that promises to anyone that folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish by the gods. We have interpreted this legend to be the donation of a 1000 Daffodils to give hope to those facing cancer.

  • Choker

  • Handbag with Lights

  • Flares