My Journey into Fashion

I was dissatisfied with the trajectory of my life, yearning for a more purposeful way to invest my time.  Then, the pandemic struck, unexpectedly gifting me this time, which now demanded an answer. 

As if orchestrated by fate, my Nana's Sewing Machine lay in the garage. 

I embarked on a journey of deconstruction, breathing new life into forgotten garments — ones fraying at the edges or out of sync with my present self. 

The thrill and inspiration surged through me as I transformed these remnants into something not just valuable, but meaningful, utilizing my hands to imbue worth into what was once deemed worthless. 

From this process, a spark ignited within me, a spark that I wanted to nurture. I began feeding this ember with logs of knowledge, each one fueling the passion to learn and create. 

My aspiration now burns with intensity: to weave a profound impact on the world around me through the artistry of my craft, just as it has shaped my own. 

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