The Art of Repair

Visible mending is one of my favourite repair techniques. Instead of concealing a garment’s flaws and striving to restore it to a state of “perfection,” this approach invites us to celebrate the life of the garment, it encourages us to find beauty in imperfections and embrace the concept of impermanence. 

A question that really struck a chord with me was “When is the most valuable moment of a garment to you? Is it when you first acquire it and it brand new, or is it the last moment you have with it before you never see it again?” – Fashionlover4 

For me, the moment of greatest value lies in the act of repairing it. It is in those purposeful moments when I sit down with a needle and thread in hand and breathe life back into a beloved piece. Through this process, the garment continues to bring joy to the wearer and its story continues, celebrating its journey. 

Viable mending is a testament to the inherent worth of our clothing and how they have served us. From what once was a flaw becomes an important part of the garments journey. 

“To repair something (anything) in the modern world is a defiant act” – Molly Martin