Resene Rolling Hills

My Colour is Resene Rolling Hills, and this is my contemporary fashion garment titled

“Inspiration of a Painter”

I have been inspired by Resene Rolling Hills to celebrate our nature and honour the painters that have harnessed its magic. For decades New Zealand’s landscapes have inspired many artists to create wonderful works of art and capture that beauty within the medium of paint. 

No one has done this better than Colin McCahon. I want to celebrate the artist he was and how his paintings communicated the beauty of our land.

Through this silk I wish to do the same, I want to communicate the feeling we experience as we stand atop a mountain and gaze out at the Rolling Hills.

Within my garment I have shown this through the flow of energy. It starts when we ground ourselves, the energy flows up into our body, calms our mind, and sends tingles down our spine. Here our own personality is infused with this energy to create something truly magical. Then as artists, we direct this energy down into our hands where we create art and communicate that feeling back to the world.

Resene Rolling Hills – “Awaken your inner Artist"