Enjoy the Process

I named my collection “enjoy the process” as a reminder to myself of what’s important.

I took inspiration from the brand Paris Georgia, for their unique use of design lines and external binding that cut the body and extenuate the silhouette.

I based my collection off the photo Dominic Scott took of Ruahine Range in New Zealand. (between Hastings and Palmerston North.) The photo will be represented in the garments through splitting the body into 2 parts; sky = shirt, mountains = trousers. The outfits will follow the photograph rule of thirds, by cutting the body into thirds. The top third will be for the shirts, and the bottom two thirds for the trousers. The clouds will be mimicked through the use of knit fabrics with a light colour palette of greys, creams and khaki. The mountain range is captured in a woven fabric, it shows structure and permanence. The palette is made up of dark greens.

I want to capture the energy of the painting “Contemplador de laguna y nube” by Tomas Sanchez. I will convey this energy through sharing the question I ask myself during reflection. This will be hand stitched into the back of the garments.