Diploma Apparel + Fashion Technology 2021-2023

Whitecliffe School of Fashion + Sustainability

  • Digital drawings and storyboards using Adobe Illustrator.
  • Creating Specification documents to Industry Standards.
  • Garment costing and price breakdowns Pattern Aided Design (PAD), digitising, and grading patterns.
  • Pattern-making and manipulation techniques. Practical, hands-on, technical skills used to construct garments.
  • Textile knowledge and practical techniques. Pattern alterations from sample fittings.
  • Working within a client's brief and presentation of design concepts. Creating patterns and finished garments from fashion illustrations.

BSc. Bachelor of Science (Physics Major, Math Minor) 2013-2015

University of Otago

  • Problem solving skills
  • Breaking down a problem and identifying its component parts.
  • Understanding of complex concepts and their applications.
  • Data analysis.
  • Research and Project Development.
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